The Fail Proof Hypnotic Technique that ensures your client's success

Discover the one hypnotic pattern that will make your clients resilient in any situation.

In the past Deep Trance Identification was used exclusively for learning new skills.  Now for the first time DTI is brought into the therapy room.  Learn how you can use a powerful DTI technique to ensure your client's continued success beyond their sessions.  

  • Discover the key times when hypnotherapy will FAIL and why this is a good thing. 
  • Explore how to stack the deck in your client's favor so they are resilient and SUCCESSFUL when tempted to fail. 
  • Learn the "Best Hypnotist" pattern which makes it seem to your client as if you are their coaching them in real time.   

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This is about waking up a natural talent, loosening self-limiting identities, and opening up to new perspectives and endless possibilities. 
Review From "Deep Trance Identification"

Michael Watson
Founder of Phoenix Services